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Introduction: No Other Option But Infinity



Self growth is a lot like taking the limit of something to infinity. You never quite get to infinity, but that’s because you can always keep improving. How absolutely wonderful for us as the human race to define it for ourselves. Self growth is undefined. You are undefined as a human being on this earth. Your powers are unlimited. You are infinite. You as a person are always transforming. New perspectives, ideas, words, and experiences are flooding through your brain and senses at all times if you let it.


The past few weeks have been the most expedited growth that I have yet to experience due to a variety of factors:  moving away from home for good, living with complete strangers, adjusting to my first full time job, and learning to let go of my first serious relationship.


The expedited growth in the past month is from the thirst to find my inner purpose, verses focusing solely on my outer purpose. I will have to accredit writer Eckhart Tolle for this realization. Allow me to explain. Our outer purpose is what we relate to our vocation, our “professional” goals, and destinations we set for ourselves. The outer purpose is that in which we set out to achieve, and do.


“The outer purpose belongs to the horizontal dimension of space and time; the inner purpose concerns a deepening of your Being in the vertical dimension of the timeless Now.” – The Power of Now 


Once you discover your inner purpose, your outer purpose can fail or succeed, and it would not matter what the outcome. That is what is so wonderful about discovering your inner purpose. Although it is over said, if you are not content and happy with your current life situation, how can you expect to be happy when you achieve your outer purpose? You are allowing yourself to live in spiritual and mental poverty.


I won’t get too much into that, but I urge everyone reading this to discover their inner purpose, because your outer goals and meaning that you create won’t give you the satisfaction that your inner purpose can.

This is also my understanding and my belief, and I would still love to hear other perspectives of the similar subject. If I failed to explain exactly what I meant, please send me over a message and we can talk about it in depth because I would love to enlighten more humans with this realization. I apologize as I have so many visuals floating in my head at all times. It is hard to put them into words at times. Ever heard of synesthesia? I am a culprit.


This blog is a space for me to spill my mind out in way that comes out concise and clear because it is something I want to actively work on. I wish to become an excellent, positive, effective communicator, in my writing, dialogue, and public speaking.


This blog will mostly be to drive my outer purpose. There is nothing I want more in life than to get as close to infinity as possible. This is my growth journal. I can’t wait for you to be a part of this journey. And I can’t wait to see what comes out of my disarranged mind leading me to surpass the goals I have set.


My ultimate (vague as of now) goal is to change conversations on education, race, and issues of the oppressed in all different ways. Eventually, I want to work with education policy because I believe education is the strongest resource we have as humans and education is the beginning and end of real change. I wish to do this with my voice because I have concluded that this is my strongest skill. What can I say, I like to talk, with a purpose. I will also be reading a book every two weeks on various topics to grow and expand my brain. (So suggestions are definitely needed)

This is my journey to do all this. This is my journey in which my opinions will be challenged and changed, and I cannot wait. This is my journey in which my directions will constantly change and suffering will be encountered. This is my journey to conquer what life situations throw at me.


Today, I am choosing happiness. Today, I am choosing the present. Today, I am choosing to live a life without fear.

Because Today is all I have.




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