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The Awakening


I am unlocked.


I don’t know what or who unlocked me but my entire universe has shifted and transformed.


Allow me to explain: In the past two months, something has aligned with my heart, soul, and body in a very spiritual way, and I am finally open.


The dots, symbols, and items in my life keep connecting and I feel as if I am exactly where I need to be, in the flow of everything around me, rather than always fighting it.


Attempting to write about something that has no words is difficult so allow me to put a list together of the wonderful things that have changed in the Levina system.



  • I no longer see physical appearance. I always knew it was a barrier, but now it is a barrier that I can’t seem to see, especially in others

  • I no longer take pleasure in reality, a reality that humans have created that is not real at all

  • I no longer have “time” to discuss other people, or media. Let’s create instead.

  • I am at peace and in line with the greater universe, and I want the same for every human on Earth

  • All I want out of this life on earth is to chase infinity and connect all the beautiful dots (I will make another blog post about this!)

  • I want to use my mind and body on Earth to expand all I know and feel, so my soul can constantly be open.

  • Everything is a human creation around us – so what is our true inner purpose and self?

  • I want to be powerful. Not hold power over anyone or anything. Never. I want my own self to be powerful over my own self and become as strong and open as I can. That is true power

  • I want to love unconditionally everyone around me, always

  • There are no longer any barriers and blocks, because all of those are human made and crafted out of the fear(also human made) in your mind

  • I am finally free.


I might sound a tad crazy, but perhaps we can talk it out and I can explain it to you in a way that might hit your soul as well.


I am expanding. And I can’t stop expanding. And nothing feels right or fills me the right way as much as creating and expanding my soul and mind.


What if the person you were becoming is the golden ration expanding until you reach infinity one day?


Today, my physical body exists in Seattle, Washington, but my spiritual self belongs nowhere on the geographical earth. I am starting a whole new chapter of my spiritual journey – both with my inner and outer purpose. Follow me to infinity?






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