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The Reconstruction of the Levina System


I want to remove the fears that lay in the dim lit corners of my mind


I want to take out the bars in which my thoughts swim within


I want to erase the time that confines me to a linear path


I want to shed the skin that has only the physical properties of touch


I want to extract the idea of death, and then let it free to fly through the grid of space and time


I want to leave my human stress in ruins— now only pieces to create something more beautiful


I want to nullify the building doubt that lives in my heart


I want to emit the warmth of my body until i become one with the stars


I want to replace all the empty space between the atoms with pure eternity


I want to gift my hands with the ability to hold peace when they come together


I want to take my feet and redesign their purpose to help me fly— finally free


I want to give my eyes and ears a new home, in my soul


I want to expand my love, then multiply it, and then take it to the power where the ‘limit does not exist’


What am i left with you might ask?


Infinite possibilities






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