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When I started teaching 2nd grade in 2016, I quickly understood the privilege of access to wellness, whether that was in the form of fresh produce, physical activities, mental health, etc. Within my classroom (Planet Second Grade), we tried to create access through morning circles, meditations, classroom projects, and learning about wellness. Innerbloom Workshops is a continuation of what we created in Planet Second Grade- a space for us to breathe and be. I truly believe access to wellness is the key to creating true social change, especially when it comes to racial equity. In 2019 I set out to make this dream come true. I graduated with my Masters of Education from the University of Washington, wrote my first children's book about access to wellness, earned by 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and my Wellness Champion Certificate from Breathe for Change. I also joined an amazing organization called Space Between who I still work for. Shortly after, I founded Innerbloom Workshops in the Fall of 2019. Since then, I have led free yoga/meditations at the local park, led yoga at Friendship Circle on Mercer Island for kiddos with disabilities, facilitated weekly mindfulness workshops at Seattle Public Schools, created mindfulness videos for Seattle Public Schools TV, and wrote curriculum and co-facilitated a mindfulness summer camp. As a women of color and immigrant, I understand that mindfulness, yoga, and wellness are not always centered around the voices and bodies of BIPOC humans and it is up to us to reclaim our wellness. I dream of one day co-creating a space to do this work with all of you because,  "we're all walking each other home." 



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I will be leading mindfulness for the Tech Access Fund Martinez Fellowship Summit for 3 days. 

JULY 2021

Yasmeen Sayyah and I will be facilitating a retreat together for BIPOC women next summer on an island near Seattle, WA.

More info to come very soon and we are so excited.





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$69 (tax included)


hosted by Levina Robin (200hr RYT, B4C Wellness Champion, M. Ed)


Saturday, March 14, 2020: 9am-3pm | Seattle, WA

This retreat is for any woman of color who wants to spend the day creating space and clarity in their heart and mind while setting intentions for the life they want to pursue.​

We will be doing this through

- Yoga

- Meditation

- Writing

- Three Explore Sessions (1 hour each)


This booking involves the experience above, lunch, snacks, and a journal.

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hosted by Levina Robin (200hr RYT, B4C Wellness Champion, M. Ed)


One hour of Yoga followed by 20 minute meditation:

Sunday, August 19, 2019

Sunday, September 29, 2019

This yoga class and meditation is a beginner class. All are welcome.

Please bring a yoga mat and water. 

$0 (FREE)

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