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Welcome to Levina's Playground, my explorers! This website was created to ensure a place for me to express my creativity and thoughts. First and foremost, it is a self growth journal (See Project Infinity). Secondly, it is a place for me to provide resources and spread my knowledge on design and writing while showcasing my own work. With self improvement, comes a lot of critique, and I hope that everyone who visits this playground can provide feedback and let me make mistakes and grow. Here's to infinity and beyond, because there's no point in staying in the same space and time! 


Thoughts and perceptions are ever changing - so challenge me, challenge you, enlighten me, englighten you, and move in solidarity with everyone and everything around you. 

the levina



Professional Goals include:

Change conversations on education policy and teacher's rights 

Write an honest investigative piece into the education system 

Travel the world to spread awareness on the importance of education

Create and do presentations on the importance of social justice 

Get on a TED stage

Become a teacher 



Personal Goals include:

Create a fun unconventionally written autobiography

Become a loving mother and family woman

Live in a more than 3 countries for more than a year 

Constantly volunteer with people of all ages, all races, all circumstances/situations

Consistently do personal projects with photography, video, and design become infinite (ask me more!) 

what others say

"Levina is a dedicated and hardworking professional, who has an excellent presentation skill. She is always on top of her projects, conducts thorough research, prepares highly engaging presentation materials, and speaks in front of large audience with confidence. She is curious to try new ideas, take intelligent risks, and always ready to contribute and help others." - Dr. Christina Ri (Professor at Santa Clara University)

"Levina worked for me as an intern at McAfee/Intel Security in the Corporate Communications department. She has an amazing work ethic and asks smart questions. Her passion and desire to succeed sets her apart from her peers. There was no task or assignment that she couldn't handle. Levina would be a great asset for any organization.” - Craig Sirois (Manager at Intel Security)

"I had the opportunity to get to know Levina Robin when she was a student in my chemistry and astronomy classes at Villanova Preparatory School. Levina’s engagement and curiosity made her an ideal science student. She is a creative problem-solver who thinks outside the box. She is genuinely excited about science, especially space science. Her level of enthusiasm is refreshing and she often initiated deep conversations about the nature of the universe. She has always been responsible, organized and mature....Levina will be a warm, dedicated and creative addition to any team. I recommend her with great enthusiasm." - Terry Madden (Chemistry/Astronomy Teacher)




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A perpetually confused young woman with too many quixotic dreams. She basks in the world of individualism and dances with the beauties and ideals of what it means to be human. She sits between two worlds unlike the other, but turns her head to make sure she sees not only both sides, but all 360 of them. Her daydreams are composed of a clean room, two giraffes, eight billion smiles, and an infinite amount of love.


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