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interactive workshops for the little humans of our universe

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we strive to connect little humans to themselves and others around them through mindfulness, understanding, and kindness


because being in tune with our bodies should come early so we can understand our own emotions and thoughts as well as our peers around us


by providing all children with the tools to empower their own emotions through creation, meditation, and connection 


stay where you are. our mission will take us through your elementary schools (classrooms, gyms, and grassy fields) across the united states




miss robin




" connecting to the center inside each child"

for students & teachers

while students will be on the front-lines of the workshops,

teachers will receive tools to implement into their mindful classrooms all year

MISS ROBIN'S 2nd grade explains why we meditate:

"To calm ourselves down and be the best students ever!"

- Andres, Age 7

"We meditate because we want to have a good day of learning and love."

- Natalie, Age 7

"We meditate because we want to be peaceful and do not want to fight."

- Kimberly, Age 7

"It helps us be nice to each other!" 

-Matthew, Age 7

"...And help each other to love"

- Abraham, Age 8 

"We learn so much and it helps us get ready to learn"

- Martha, Age 7

"We meditate so that we can come up with ideas and remember."

- Rafael, Age 7

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