Teach for America, Washington created a conference to bring together educators from all over the country to unite and talk about the ever changing education field in the state of WA. Amazing speakers, including Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib, attended to share their insight. I had the honor of branding the entire weekend with a logo that were made into posters, mugs, stickers, and agendas reaching 100s. I even got to attend as an alumni Corps member. 


MacKenzie and her partner opened up a floral business in our hometown in 2017 and asked me to design some flyers for the grand opening! This year, I get to rebrand her new farm and floral business in Yacolt, WA. Stay tuned for our collaboration.


Frankie wrote a book this past year and was

looking for someone to design a cover for

his masterpiece. We got connected and 

collaborated on the vision of what this could

look like. Eventually this happened, and we

both loved it. 

If you want to support Frankie, go check 

out his book on Amazon or on his website.


Erin, an intentional consumer, wanted to create her own products that were natural, earth-conscious, and animal-loving. She asked me if I would brand her entire line and make labels for all her products! What an honor and a fun project. I created labels for over ten products and branding tools. You can buy her products here

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Brent is a passionate entrepreneur who strongly believes that company culture yields company success. He recently started his own pursuit to help companies get to where they want to be with culture and asked me to create an infographic of a case study so his customers could see his work visually. I thought about what information would be most important for other companies to know about the work Brent does and made this infographic. Here is the link to the full PDF. You can also learn more about Rising Strengths here

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