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journal prompts for the peace seeker 

write about what is around you using all your senses.

write 5 lovely things that went right today.

draw a jar. write the thoughts in it that reflect your fears. draw a lid.

fill up an entire page of feelings, experiences, and people you are grateful for in the last month. leave no space.

thank different parts of your body for what they do.

put on a new song. draw what you hear. 

journal prompts for the self seeker

write/draw 5 values that fulfill you.

reflect: what was your childhood dream? why is it not the same now?

reflect: what is one compliment about your character that someone has said to you?

reflect: how do you receive love? how do you give it?  

journal prompts for creative fun

if there was a single physical item that you could gift every individual, what would it be?

letter prompts

write a letter to your (future) daughter/son at a specific age 

write a letter to your future self 

write a letter to a lovely leader

write a letter to a destructive leader

write a letter to your momma

write a letter to your nurse or doctor

write a letter to your educator

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