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coming home

a workshop to reprogram
your subconscious mind

 If you...

- feel stuck
- are reacting to your world
- have spiraling thoughts 
- want a new life and identity

This is for you ◡̈  I spent months reprogramming the beliefs I have about the world so I could live a life I wasn't dreading waking up to or overreacting to. And I did it! So I wrote a guide laying out exactly what I did.

Here's what's inside:

- a daily lesson
- journal prompts
- meditations
- videos 

- & more resources

We aren't meant to live in fight or flight or survival mode. We were meant to thrive. 



This 11 day workshop was exactly what I needed to kickstart readjusting my mindset to truly live a better, happier life! This truly helped me to dig deep into my past and current beliefs and really take the time to reflect and also grow into a new me through a refreshed mindset. I'm so grateful for this guided reflection and know that the tools from this will help me continue on my journey to a happier me! ◡̈ 

- KARINA, 29

I didn't know how much I needed this. Within the first few daysI noticed a shift in how I thought about the things and people around me because I finally started giving myself the love and attention. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who feels like their thoughts feel out of control. I realized we really do create our reality.


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