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The Game of No Winners



There exists a game in our heads. This is a game that we play with ourselves but we trick ourselves into thinking we are playing with others. We think it is a game we play with others. Because we play with others, we think there is a winner, and we, of course, want it to be us.


Let me let you in on a secret that’s not so secret. This game actually has no possible winners. It is a game we play called “Let’s compare ourselves to others”. We assume we are automatically losing because someone else in the world has something we (think we) want. We think they are winning because we choose to see what we want to see in them. We think we lose by default of someone else being happy, gaining something, changing for the better.


I believe life can be learned through mother nature and I always think of the wonderful quote about flowers: "Does a flower compare itself to the flower next to it? No, it just blooms." :) 


Although this is something that is hard for me to grasp still sometimes, my world has changed ever since I stopped playing this game. This game does not exist in reality, we’ve imagined it up for ourselves as we do with a lot of things. When we start playing “Be Happy for Everyone”, we start to become happy for ourselves.



Because everyone is intelligent, including myself.

Because everyone is beautiful, including myself. 

Because everyone is doing wonderful things, including myself. 

Because everyone has admirable strengths, including myself. 

Because everyone has respectable accomplishments, including myself. 


By acknowledging the beauty, accomplishments, and characteristics of others, I am not demeaning mine. 



Only play this game if you are willing to play with yourself, and only yourself. So crown yourself a winner today, and move forward. 




"Comparsion is the thief of joy." - Teddy Roosevelt 








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