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Tense Past


Last week, I was sitting in a third grade class taking in the beauty that exists in a learning environment. One of my favorite views in life is seeing young thirsty minds so eager to learn more about the world around them. They were reading the book “Because of Winn Dixie”.


“They just learned that we can’t judge people based on their past,” my dear friend, the teacher, said. “We can only look at who they are now.”


I pondered the thought for a while, thinking about all the people that are the wonderful people they are today and how they got there. I thought of my friend who nearly committed suicide and where he is today and how much happier he is. I thought of another woman I have known for years now who had to overcome the trauma of being sexually abused. I thought of the people who made awful mistakes even months ago and how they learned from them. I thought of my mother and how much more she self reflects on her actions as she grows older. Whether it was things that happened to them or what they did at a certain point in their life set their stepping stones when they learned from it and have the ability to be a better different person now.


Through this epiphany, I forgot to look at myself. How can I be so proud of all of these people I know and judge them for the present but judge myself based on my past?



"Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you." 



I keep forgetting to forgive myself for the mistakes I have made in the past. It seems so obvious but it is something that has to be constantly put into practice for real change. I keep thinking about the person I was for the past few months. I was not the woman I constantly strive to be during that time. Through it, I lost someone so special to me so I started to beat myself up about it. But I can't live life negatively over reflecting about that right now. They do not define me. Let's move on from all your past mistakes so we can be better people. Are you holding on to any past mistakes? Forgive yourself, even if it takes months. 


Move on from your past mistakes so you may reach infinity.








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