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levina robin :)

ux designer based in seattle, wa

yes, i drew this!

my story starts in mumbai, india

at 6 years old, i am getting on a plane to the united states and my uncle hands me crayons & a notebook so i can draw all the new adventures

at 11 years old, i discover and what seemed like a secret code that could create a website- i teach myself html & adobe photoshop

at 22 years old, i start making logos & illustrations for my friends' small business visions

at 28 years old, i earn my ux/ui design certificate and ready to contribute my skills and my vast perspective to an organization


teacher & artist

ux designer


in my spare time, you might find me

chalking on seattle sidewalks
running around green lakes
lifting heavy weights
hiking smoll mountains
baking made-up desserts
teaching kids yoga & mindfulness
playing with my 90lb pup, moon bear


*bear size not to scale

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"we're all just walking each other home"- ram dass

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