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Being an educator has been one of my major identities the last few years. However, with everything that happens and is made in a classroom, it is hard to capture because it is usually made for your students. Having been a master's student and a teacher at the same time, I have developed random resources and projects. Here are a few of them! 


For my final project to end my master's, I decided I wanted to integrate everything I was passionate about in education: mathematics, art, access, social justice, and kid empowerment. I did this by writing and illustrating my first picture book called "That's Not Fair". Here is the book, the report, and the resources I created for teachers around the book.

Full Book (Folder)

Final Report PDF

Math Interactive Journal Lesson Plans PDF

Math Interactive Journal Sample Pages PDF

Math Interactive Journal Prompts PDF

Vocabulary List PDF

Math Socratic Seminar Overview PDF

Math Socratic Seminar Question Guide PDF
Math Socratic Seminar for That's Not Fair PDF

Reading Comprehension PDF

Storyboard PPT

Sequencing PDF



Teaching 2nd grade, I created a lot of my own resources, supplement worksheets, and projects. Here is the vision that I created before my first year of teaching and revised my second year of teaching to truly guide me in how I wanted to teach. My focus in 2nd grade last year was access. Read more by clicking below.

2nd Grade Vision 2017- 2018


One of my favorite intersections in education is that of mathematics and social justice. This came after taking a wonderful class that focused on exactly that. Here is a unit plan, a resource list, and a presentation I created for that class. The last presentation listed below was a presentation I did for Teach for America's Professional Development as they asked me to come in and speak. 

Full Unit Plan for 2nd Grade (Piktochart)

Language and Math Resources PDF

A Presentation: Issues of language, bilingualism, and English learners in math education PPT 

A Presentation: Adding cultural and historical references to mathematics education PPT


During our foundations of curriculum class, we were in charge of creating a proposal. Here is mine. I will be using bits and pieces of this to create innerbloom workshops.

A Mindful Curriculum Proposal PDF


As teachers, we do informal research in the classroom on a daily basis. What if we actually put what we learn and implement into words and numbers? We call this form of research, action research, as it is implementing something in the classroom and then observing the results. I attempted to teach my students mini lessons on taking notes to see if it increased their overall quiz scores and engagement with the content. Here are the results and full report.

Presentation PDF

Full Report PDF


During my first year of teaching, we were required to film ourselves. I thought it would make a nice archive to look back on and learn from. Be gentle with my first year of teaching self, please :). Password required to view, please email me for the code.

Phonics Lesson

Writer's Workshop Meeting 


Page 9 from "That's Not Fair" by Levina Robin

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